Soliloquy for Horn and Strings (4:49) | Purchase Full Score and Parts
Horn and String Orchestra

I began with the idea fixed that music is as simple as a single note beautifully played on an instrument. Then I thought of the Horn, and then to decide ‘Yes, but what register?’ Showing all of the Horn’s wonderfully contrasting registers and functions in a fairly short space of time I thought would be a revelation to many listeners. Next thought ‘what would be the ideal background?’ “Strings” was the answer. The rest flowed from those thoughts. The Premier performance was in Jordan Hall, Boston, Kevin Owen, Horn soloist with the Boston Chamber Orchestra, David Feltner conductor.

Concertino for Trombone & Orchestra
Trombone and Orchestra

Don Sanders, winner of the International Trombone Competition, and a dear colleague at Boston Ballet for many years, asked that I write a Concerto for him with the plan of scheduling it with an orchestra I conducted in the following year’s season. Several months before the concert Don became a victim of (PPMS)MS. Although he couldn’t walk he wanted to go through with it. With help from the stage manager Don came on stage with crutches, stood  by the Concertmaster, tuned, gave me a big smile and off we went.

Boston Symphony Fanfare

Always Before (3:30) | Purchase Full Score and Parts
Brass Ensemble (0,2,3,1) or Trombone Sextet

Caronalae Quartet (4:45) | Purchase Score and Parts
Trombone Quartet with Bs. Tbn,/Tuba alternative

When serving as a faculty member for an annual meeting of the International Trombone Association this quartet was written to be played by four of the other faculty at the end of session concert. Written the day before the concert it had no name; so it became “Caronalae Quartet”, and amalgam of consecutive letters within the first names of each of the performers, from the Ist player to bass trombone. The wonderful players: Carsten Svanberg (Principal Concertgebouw), Ron Baron (Principle Boston Sym.), Donald Lusher (Principal Ted Heath Band), Saki Sakaebera (bass trb. Tokyo Phil).

Triune Trio for Low Brass (4:20) Purchase Full Score and Parts
3 Parts (any combination of Horn, Trombones and Tuba)

Whiteman Blue (6:00) | Purchase Score and Part
Flugelhorn and Piano

This bluesy piece was written in memory of the fabulous singer Whitney Huston, whose Star Spangled Banner will live forever. It is dedicated to my elder brother Jerry, a trumpeter, with whom I played in many a rural dance hall when we were young.

Convocation Festive Voluntary (7:07) | Purchase Full Score and Parts
Brass Quartet

For those of you who often play school Graduations and other festive affairs, you will no doubt have played Jeremiah Clark’s Trumpet Voluntary many, many times and with lots of da capos. This is a longer variation on the Clarke (Purcell) piece with variations in the same basic style. My intent was to reduce the monotony for the players a bit but without going too far out of the bounds of convention.

Baby Bear & Goldilocks Dancing Under Moonlight in a Wooded Clearing (12:11) | Purchase Full Score and Parts
Soprano, Alto and Baritone Voices and Tuba Quartet

Baby Bear (12:03) | Purchase Full Score and Parts
Tuba Quartet (Euphonium 1, Euphonium II, Tuba in F, Tuba)

Sleep Walking, Dancin’ in the Kitchen, and Back to Bed (10:51) | Purchase Full Score and Parts
Brass Quintet

Window Flower

I’ve been honored to have played several of Paul’s compositions over the years, both for brass quintet and orchestral works. His musical language is powerful and uniquely expressive. It’s always a joy to have a chance to experience his musical voice either as a performer or audience member.

Regarding “Always Before”: Great recording – love it!

Don Rankin
Principal Tubist with the Boston Ballet Orchestra, Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, Portland Symphony, and Boston Modern Orchestra Project