Fantasy, Winter 2022 (13:08) | Purchase

Bourée Fantasy (7:42) | Purchase

Spin Skater (“Becoming One”) (14:40) | Purchase

Bakthiari (5:24) | Purchase
Robert Frost said “A Poem begins as a lump in the throat which finds …….” With instrumental music my “lump in the throat” for Bakthiari began with looking at the structure of an oriental Bakthiari ‘Tree of life’ carpet. I used the formal structure of the carpet as a model for the form of the piece.

Profile of a Puffin (The Flying Lesson) (5:57) | Purchase

Beethoven Variants (12:20) | Purchase
Beethoven Variants became an intriguing idea while playing the opening page of the Allegro Movement of his Pf. Sonata #4. I began improvising in a similar vein, but with some influence of music from more recent times. Hmmm? Wonder how it would be to extend it as ‘tho progressing through influences of more recent times. Beginning on page 2, I attempted to write in a compatible style then gradually come forward in time. Feeling B. looking over my shoulder the whole time, then bringing his hand firmly on my shoulder when I reached the whole tone scale, thought ‘I had better wrap this up.’

In Which Cio-cio San Goes With Pinkerton (9:15) | Purchase
The juncture of a homemade single string instrument, an elderly oriental man, solfeggio system, a passerby, and a paper bag. The Boston Common; a beautiful day – eating a sandwich, crossing the Common and coming upon a very frail and old man strumming his single string while singing a melody with his hat for collecting beside him. Captivating!  By the 3hd repetition I sang quietly along with solfege syllables – he joined in using them as well. I put the sandwich’s paper bag to good use and copied the melody, brought it home intending to use it somehow in a composition. The bag sat on the piano for a year or more then as I threw it in the waste basket  – thought of the old man, reached for the bag, sat down and wrote “Cio – Cio”, story line and music that day. While Puccini based his Opera in Japan the old man no doubt was Chinese, but the gentle melody seemed to fit either culture. There exists a video of original drawings synchronized to accompany a performance of this piece. It has also been used for choreography by Adam Schnell, Vero Beach Ballet.

Night Skate (7:00) | Purchase

For Doreen (6:00) | Purchase
For Lady Doreen Parker, the Perfect Hostess. A kind, generous and lovely woman.
The Old Mill House, Rowfant, near Crawley, Sussex

Greyledge Pool (5:10) | Purchase 
The inspiration for this piece was a painting of Greyledge Pool, Cos Cob, Connecticut by Leonard Ochtman, depicting a pair of swans gracefully floating in what was a pristine pool when painted in 1930.

Currents (4:46) | Purchase

Duo Concertante “Chiaroscuro” for Violin, Piano and Orchestra (13:30)
Purchase Full Score and Solo Parts | Purchase Orchestra Parts

2,2,2,2/ 2,0,0,0/Solo Violin, Solo Piano/Full Strings

Macbeth Soliloquy & Aftermath, Scene V (9:47) | Purchase Full Score and ‘Cello Part
Baritone Voice, ‘Cello and Piano

Luminous Resolutions (6:00)

That’s a fun fantastical piece!

Frederick Moyer, pianist
on “Bourée Fantasy”


Thanks, Paul.
It’s very beautiful. Captures her perfectly.

John Wallace on “For Doreen”
Trumpeter; Former Principal London Symphony Orchestra; Founder of the Wallace Music Collection; and soloist at Charles and Diana’s wedding